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Lei xin league branch in pku group class education


In August 31, 2016, to carry out the toon street League education organization, Lei Xin building Mission branch to actively participate in the league by the Youth League, comrade Wang Hui lecture, speaker content for the reform of the Central Communist Youth league.

The Communist Youth League is the party's assistant and reserve force, is the party and the government to link the youth of the bridge and link. To promote the reform of the Communist Youth League, is part of a comprehensive strictly, is an important measure to glow the vitality of the Communist Youth league. Mission central reform, to adhere to the correct direction, strengthen problem oriented, highlighting the main line of reform.

The specific content of the "plan" for the reform of the central group:

First, improve the composition of the central leadership of the group, institutional settings and operating mechanism.

Second, the central authority of the reform group cadres selection, use and management.

Third, the reform and innovation of the group's work, activities and grassroots organizations.

Fourth, increase the Party committee and government support for the work of the Communist Youth League support.

How to understand the significance of the reform of the Communist Youth League?

First, to understand the reform of the Communist Youth League from the perspective of the overall situation.

Second, to use historical perspective to understand the Communist Youth League reform.

Third, to realize the reform of the Communist Youth League with the consciousness of the problem.

What obvious changes will occur in the Central Committee?

First, the broad nature of the central leadership of the group, the representative will be significantly enhanced.

Two is the mission of the central authorities will be more adapted to the requirements of the times.

Three is a group of cadres of the central authority will be more abundant.

Four is the mission of the central authorities working mechanism will pay more attention to the youth oriented.

Reform will make the ordinary young people feel the changes?

One is to let the Youth League closer to the youth.

Two is to allow the group to serve the youth more real.

Three is to allow members of the role model stronger.

Four is to let the youth of the group's work more discourse.

Comprehensive administrative department, ching