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La Tortilla Loca® tortilla warmer is available in various colors and different styles.
Each warmer has instructions on the back side.

Buy 2 or more & save up to 60% on your order

(*with one flat rate on s/h)

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The Pocket Steamer
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Tortilla warmerTortilla warmerTortilla warmerTortilla warmerTortilla warmer
Pepe" on Ivory

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Mariachi Pepe

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Chili on ivory

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Chili on Red

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The Pocket Steamer
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Tortilla warmer Tortilla warmer Tortilla warmer  Tortilla warmerRooster -Veggie steamer
Coyote on white

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 Coyote on Gold & Purple
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 Desert on White

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Desert on Gold & Turquoise
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Rooster Veggie Steamer
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Tortilla warmer Tortilla warmerTortilla warmerTortilla warmer 
   Colorful Calavera
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Colorful Calavera/Gold
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  Blue Dove

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  Rooster Tortilla warmer
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Grease Proof Liners 
  • First Tortilla Warmer $9.95 + S&H of $6.95 Total = $16.90 each.
  • Any additional Tortilla Warmers on same order/ same day $7.95 each.
  • S&H only applies on first Tortilla Warmer purchased.
  • This is a Savings of over 60% off your second tortilla warmer.
  • See more shipping Info.
Tortilla warmer with tortillas inside


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